Best time to buy a car
Buying a Car May 15, 2018

When’s the Best Time to Buy a car?

There’s plenty to consider when buying a new car – what model, what dealer, how much to spend, and where to go for a car loan! Timing also counts when you’re buying a new car, especially when it comes to getting the best deal. But when’s the best time to buy?

Look ahead – don’t buy last minute

If you’re under time pressure, you’ll be desperate to purchase and more likely to take the next suitable car at any asking price. A dealer can smell desperation from a mile away – giving you less negotiating power. If you know you’ll be looking for a new car soon, start thinking about what you want and allow yourself a few weekends of car hunting before it’s time to buy. It’s also worth checking out our car buying tips.

Financial year

Dealers nearly always have sales targets to meet by the end of the financial year – 31st March in New Zealand. If you can time your car purchase to be a few weeks before this date, dealers will be more incentivised to get you on the road with a good deal.

Day of the month

Can’t wait until end of the financial year? Dealers often have monthly sales targets too. Purchasing towards the end of the month will make it more likely they will discount to meet their targets.

Time of day

A dealer will want to go home at the end of the day but like any good salesman, will stick around if they have someone ready to buy. They might be feeling generous if it means they can get home earlier, but still score a deal!

Holidays and special offers

Long weekend or public holiday coming up? Dealers love a good excuse for a sales promotion, and will sometimes have flash sales any day of the year. If you’ve got time to wait and know what dealers have the kind of car you’re looking for, follow them on Facebook to watch for deals. Not sure where to start with dealers? Get in touch and we can let you know about suitable dealers in your area – message us on Facebook, chat online, or email.

Before you go shopping…

Before shopping, it’s usually a good idea to get your finance sorted. This way you know your exact budget, how much it’s all going to cost (including interest) and are ready to go if you find the perfect car. Part of getting a good deal on a car is getting a good deal on car finance! We can help all credit and licence types, so even if your credit isn’t squeaky clean we’ll sort you out with a good finance deal.



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