What car can I get with a car loan?
Buying a Car May 22, 2018

What Car can I get with a Sprint Car Loan?

Where you go for a car loan is important, and there’s always plenty to consider – you want to make sure you get a fair deal! But we understand the most exciting part of car finance is getting a new car. There’s nothing like being handed the keys to a new ride, and driving away with that ‘new car’ grin on your face.

When it comes to choosing your new ride, the options seem to be endless these days. There’s cars that drive themselves, and cars designed specifically to take your dog with you (everywhere). Here at Sprint, we don’t mind if your car is a pink convertible or a V6 ute, but there are a few requirements to consider when shopping for a car:

Vehicle year

Cars (or utes, boats, jetskis!) need to be 2005 or newer


Vehicles need to have 120,000kms or less on the odometer

Standard vehicle

Sorry if you had that souped up Skyline on your mind, vehicles can’t be modified or supercharged

Registration and WOF

The vehicle needs a current registration and WOF to meet criteria for a Sprint car loan


The car will need to be comprehensively insured throughout the term of the loan. Because the car is being used as security on your loan, without insurance you could end up liable for the remaining finance owed on your car (even if it’s written off) along with the costs of damages to other vehicles. Comprehensive insurance is the full package insurance that covers your car as well as damage to another car. You can arrange insurance with any provider.

Car Dealer

With a Sprint car loan, you can purchase your vehicle from any registered Motor Vehicle Dealer across NZ. If you need a hand finding a dealer just let us know and we can point you in the right direction. Get in touch  or Apply Now



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