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Loan Help January 24, 2020

Uber-style petrol app lauched in NZ

Hate filling up your car? It’s 2020, there’s an app for that. If a visit to the petrol pump fills you with dread, you can now order a truck to come fill up your car. 
We can order a restaurant lunch, a babysitter and a box of beers from an app so it only makes sense to order petrol from our humble smart phones.  
Fuel delivery services have been successfully running overseas, and FILL has just launched in Christchurch, with plans to extend nationally. If you’re too busy to faff around with petrol stations, or filling up is far down your list of favourite activities, this one’s for you. Most of us would agree there’s nothing too pleasant about queuing in a fume-filled concrete fortress.
Simply place an order through the app, and a petrol truck will deliver to your car.
With same day delivery and fixed-rate fuel, we can’t fault the service. You’d think such a convenience would come at a cost. The best news? You won’t be paying any more than you would at your local petrol station. There’s just a $30 minimum order, and orders less than 50 litres pay a $3.50 delivery fee.  
Get your car filled up while sitting at your office desk, catching up on Netflix, or while you’re enjoying a day on the boat. It’s also an efficient way to keep businesses on the road – saving time (and petrol) making detours to petrol stations. 
The only downside we can think of is that we don’t expect the driver will be carting around mince pies and flat whites for sale. Luckily, we’ve got Uber Eats for that. 

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