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Buying a Car February 25, 2018

Trading in Your Car: How to Get the Best Deal

When buying a car from a dealer, trading in is a convenient way of selling your existing wheels. If you are trading in, it’s worth checking out these tips to get the best deal!

Know how much your car is (really) worth

Check out car dealer websites to work out the average price your make, model and year are selling for. This means you can confidently negotiate, by starting at the higher end and knowing when low is too low.

Get your car squeaky clean

Cleaning your car, inside and out, will make your car look newer, well looked after, and more appealing – even to a dealer. Get your junk out of your trunk, wash, wax and vacuum.

Have your car smelling sweet

Especially if you’ve been smoking or had a dog in your car, it’s worth getting your car smelling new again (or as close as you can!) Cigarette odour gets through everything, including the vents. Give your car a good air out and spray deodoriser into all the vents and the intake valve under the hood. Wipe down interior panels with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. To remove dog smells, you can try leaving a bowl of baking soda overnight in your car (known to soak up odour). You can also lightly spray a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water to neutralise odours.

Be polite but firm, and realistic

Remember when making a deal, both the buyer and seller need to be happy enough to get a result. Being polite can only ever help, but you can still be firm (rather than stubborn) to get the best deal. By having realistic expectations will give you credibility and have the dealer more willing to stretch to your requests.

Sort your finances before you trade

By getting pre-approved car finance, you’ll know exactly how much your budget is. The dealer will know you’re serious and ready to buy, which makes things easier for him (so more likely to budge on price)



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