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Buying a Car September 4, 2018

What’s the most reliable car brand? New study reveals

Thinking it’s time for a new car? If you’re after something that’s trustworthy and won’t cost an arm and a leg at the mechanics, it’s worth doing some research. Luckily, research company JD Power has done some for us. Read on for some insights into the most reliable car on the market.

A new study has revealed the most reliable (and unreliable) cars, ranking reliability by number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles:


Hyundai ranked highest in reliability, with the least number of reported problems. Closely followed by Suzuki and Kia. Mercedes-Benz was the highest ranked premium car maker, although only making it to 14th in the list. BMW was bottom of the list with a distant score of 192 PP100.

Interestingly, the results found that the expensive cars are more likely to experience problems than the more modest, affordable options. This is largely down to owner-reported issues with the fancy new technology found in premium cars – including autonomous driving technologies, phone-pairing and voice recognition failures. There were still frequent reports of engine and transmission problems though – which can be the most expensive of all.

The report also lists the most reliable car for each category.

Skoda appeared top of 2 lists, with Hyundai making a few appearances. VW Tiguan topping compact SUV despite Volkswagon not being a top ranker in the brand stakes overall:

So if you’re after a car with all the bells and whistles, you might need to be prepared to fork out for it – both at the outset and the mechanics further down the track. If you’re looking for a low maintenance and reliable car, check out our other Car Buying Tips. When it comes time to sort a reliable car loan, Sprint can help with no deposit car finance! Get a no obligation quote here.



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