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Buying a Car July 26, 2019

Six must-have features for your family car

If you’re on the hunt for a new car, having kids is a game changer. The smart two-door sports hatch most likely won’t do the trick anymore. Here are our six must-have features to get your clan from A-to-B happy and safe!

Hands-free help

When you’re juggling parent-life, hands-free car features are an absolute essential. Many modern cars have keyless entry and button activated boots, making life just that little bit easier when carrying babies, groceries and sippy cups. Recent model Ford Escape SUV boots are foot activated, and the Kia Sorento boot will automatically open when keys are detected near boot for a few seconds.


Plenty of space

If you’ve got a family, you know that the old ‘travel light’ theory no longer applies! It’s not just the kids you now need to fit – it’s the carseats, porta-cots, bikes and skateboards too. Plenty of space in the backseat will make for a comfortable trip, while plenty of boot space will hold all that extra luggage for a family trip.

Reverse camera

Reverse cameras in many modern cars are a great safety feature (and make reversing much easier). They’re an especially great feature in a family car, when you’ve got the potential for kids to be playing on your driveway.

Car seat support

Most cars made later than 2002 feature ISOFIX, a system for attaching child seats to cars. They are metal anchors located in the back seat, and necessary for installing most car seats.

Cool colour

The colour of your car is more important than just what matches your personal style. It’s been proven that light coloured cars are safest due to their visibility on the road, but they’re also safest in terms of temperature. An Autotrader experiment compared two nearly identical cars, one black and one white. After a few hours in the sun, the black car’s interior was significantly hotter than the white car. This is especially important for babies and kids, who are more sensitive to overheating. With babies and kids being so sensitive to overheating.

Safety rating

All the fancy mod-cons are super helpful, but the number one priority for a family car should always be safety. Check out for used car safety ratings, which lists all car models and years with a rating out of 5 stars.

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