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General August 14, 2018

Predictions for future cars

The Jetsons had us all wondering when flying cars would become a reality, and testing for self-driving cars is well underway. So, what does the future hold for our trusty cars? Check out a list of the major predictions for future cars – some might be closer than you first thought!


Driverless cars

This one is a little obvious, since it’s already happening now. But eventually, once the infrastructure is complete and our driverless jitters are a thing of the past, driverless cars will be the norm. The cars will be voice activated – simply jump in and tell it where you want to go. It’s also predicted future cars will be programmed for their days – they’ll drop you at work, come back to drop the kids at school, take you to the airport and be home in time for the ballet and soccer runs.


3D printed cars

3D printing has already revolutionised the most advanced industries – we’ve successfully printed living, working body parts, and a company in Arizona has 3D printed an electric car. Some predict within 100 years we will be 3D printing all our vehicles, but also our car parts. If your car needs a new bumper, simply pop into your garage to have one printed while you wait!


Eco-friendly cars

The impact of cars on the environment has long been known. They emit a large list of pollutants and their manufacturing isn’t exactly kind on the planet either. Hybrid and electric cars have become relatively mainstream over the past few years, but future cars will be powered by anything but petrol! It’s predicted cars in the future will be able to be manufactured with a zero carbon footprint.


Electric vehicle range

Experts predict electric vehicle range will be over 1500kms by 2027. One factor holding back the mainstream adoption of electric cars is the range between charges. Current electric vehicles can work wonders for those city errands, but make weekend trips away a bit harder! Hybrid cars only solve the problem to some degree – we still need to pay for petrol, stop in to the petrol station, and still emit those nasty pollutions. For now, check out our tips to save on petrol.


Car ownership will only be for the elite

Autonomous vehicles will remove the need for car ownership. Instead, fleets of driverless cars will be available on-demand, similar to the use of Uber today (minus the driver). Car ownership will become extremely expensive, and very much a luxurious hobby for car enthusiasts.


Flying cars

Some experts, such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, say the flying car concept is not in our future. But there are numerous projects worldwide of flying cars being developed. AeroMobil in Slovakia has been developing a flying car prototype that lets drivers fly as well as touch down to drive on the roads. Dubai has ambitious plans to have an autonomous drone taxi available shortly, although they’ve also promised jet packs to get around the city.


All these changes will have a huge impact!

Thinking beyond the advancements of the vehicle itself – a world of autonomous, electric cars will have huge impacts on our cities and lifestyles. Cities will be quieter with electric cars, car fleet ownership will be a big business opportunity. Ease of travel means location will no longer be so important for homes and businesses. Police departments will shrink and there will be no need for garages and less space required for carparks.


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