Interest Rates & Fees

Schedule of standard fees and charges applicable from 1 March 2018

Interest Rates:

We offer interest rates from 11.99% to 26.95% per annum, fixed for the term of the loan.

Establishment Fee – $295.00- $395.00

Charged for processing the loan, including approval and acceptance of the loan and added to the loan contract when the loan is actually drawn.

Broker Fee – $295.00 – $1,000.00

Paid to the Broker for referring the loan to the creditor. The fee is payable to the Broker and forms part of the loan.

Credit Check & Decisioning Fee – $19.49

Charged for processing a new loan for each party attached to the contract. The fee includes a credit check, decisioning fee, and a search of the personal properties security register (PPSR).

Personal Properties Securities Registration (PPSR) – $11.50

Charged to the contract and subsequently paid to the Ministry of Economic Development for registration of our security interest on the Personal Property Securities Register.

Equifax Auto Plus Report – $19.95

Charged to the contract and subsequently paid to the credit reporting agency Equifax in exchange for a comprehensive report on the motor vehicle being used as security. This fee does not apply if the loan contract is unsecured.

Early Settlement (Unecured Loan Contract) – $45.00 

Charged to the account when a loan is settled in full before its maturity date

Early Settlement (Secured Loan Contract) – $245.00 

Charged to the account when a loan is settled in full before its maturity date

Administration Fees – $7.50

Charged to account each month end, and included in your regular repayments.

Statement – $5.00 

Charged to the account when a statement is requested and supplied.

Direct Debit Amendment Fee – $15.00 

Charged to the contract when a modification is made to the direct debit instruction at the customer’s request.

Refund – $10.00 

Charged to the account when an over payment is received prior to completion of the account and a refund is made.

Caveat Fee – $225.00 

Charged to the loan Agreement when we register a caveat over the property. Caveat release costs will also be charged on completion of the loan of $225.00

Mortgage Fee – $495.00 

Charged to the loan Agreement where we register a mortgage over a property.

Contract Variation – $95.00 

Charged when the goods on the contract are changed or, where the term and or repayment amount is modified to accommodate the Debtor (Other than a hardship application where there is no charge.

Assignment Fee $40.00

This fee is charged when assigning a contract from one Borrower(s) and/or Guarantor(s) name to another Borrower(s) and/or Guarantor(s) name.

SMS Charge $0.50

Charged where an account is currently in default and has not been remedied, and it is deemed necessary to contact by SMS messaging service.

Pre-Possession/Repossession Notice – $25.00 

Charged to an account when a Pre-Possession / Repossession Notice is issued.

Repossession Fee – $195.00+ 

Charged to a loan account after we affect repossession of goods secured to the loan. Charges vary depending on the whereabouts of the goods, and the cost associated with collection. Agents submit third party invoice, based on what a reasonable charge for their time and effort.

Recovery Costs – $Variable 

Costs incurred by a third party (e.g. repossession agent, legal provider on a solicitor-client basis, repairer) will be charged to a loan account for the invoiced amount, copies of which are available upon request.

Blackhawk Installation $395.00

Fee for the setup and installation of the Blackhawk unit added to the Amount Financed

Blackhawk Rental $23.00

Fee included in my loan repayments for the monthly rental of the Blackhawk unit.

Legal Costs

If the structure of your loan or financing is such that we require solicitors to prepare any documentation or advice, you will be responsible for the reasonable legal costs of the legal work undertaken.


The cost of insurance cover for Loan Repayment Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance may be included in the loan. The premium financed will be paid to the relevant insurance company and provide insurance cover for the period stated in each insurance policy. Take a look at the range of Insurances that Sprint Finance offers to protect you, your family, and your assets.

Fee Rebates

Where you settle a loan early, the application, broker fees and GPS installation fees (if any) are not rebated. CCI and GAP insurances refunded by Rule of 78 and MBI can be transferred to a new vehicle (if applicable).