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Buying a Car July 1, 2018

Fill Up On Petrol-Saving Tips

With the regional fuel tax in Auckland finally arriving, filling up at the pump is a little more painful as of today. It’s been estimated the most recent increase will cost the average Aucklander around $125 extra per year in fuel. Since there’s always better things to spend our money on, we wanted to look at a few ways to counteract the price rise.

Make sure all your hard-earned cash isn’t going down the petrol tank with these handy tips to save on fuel.


Travel light

Got junk in the trunk? By emptying your boot and removing your roof rack when not in use, your car will require less fuel to get from A to B.

Be a thrifty driver

Going easy on the break, and soft on the accelerator will mean less of your hard-earned cash is guzzled up on petrol. If you’ve got cruise control, using this will also save on fuel.

Watch your tyre pressure

Keeping your tyres pumped up will help reduce fuel wastage. Give them a quick check when you’re next filling up, then at least once a month.

Shop around for petrol stations

The same fuel, from the same brand, might be cheaper down the road! Download the ‘Gaspy’ app which tells you where the cheapest fuel is in your area. In general Waitomo, Gull, Pak ‘n Save and Mobil are the cheapest stations.

Consider the air-con

Car heaters simply recycle the heat generated by your engine, but air-con requires additional power so uses up the fuel – use it wisely!

Choose your wheels wisely

Considering fuel economy when purchasing a car is one of the easiest ways to save on fuel. Think carefully about what type you really need. Although small, the cheapest non-hybrid cars include the 2000-2012 Daihatsu Mira, the 2004-2014 Suzuki Alto and the 2000-2015 Suzuki Swift. Check out our list of the most fuel efficient cars. If it’s time for a more budget friendly car, Sprint can help with a car loan – one for all licence types and all credit types, all at fantastic rates! Apply here.



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