Disabling Device

Installing a Disabling Device is win win – our security is protected and you may get a lower interest rate and insurance premiums!

Its not for everyone! Only those who need a second chance – dented credit.

So how does it work?

Firstly, we are not tracking you 24/7.

We only check your location in the event of ‘Gone No Address’ or a missed payment.

Where a payment remains missed for more than 6 days after you receive notice then the vehicle may be disabled.

It’s like having a mobile phone on contract or Sky TV – if you don’t pay the bill then the service gets suspended. It’s same with a car on finance. If you don’t make the payments, then you don’t get to drive the car.

There are benefits for you to

Prompt payments and a good payment history will allow you to repair your credit score, qualify for higher loan amounts, get approved for a higher valued vehicles and even the potential for a lower down payment or interest rate.

Insurance companies like it as they can request us to locate and disable your vehicle in the event of theft. This usually means lower insurance premiums.

At the end of the loan term you can either keep the unit at no additional cost or pay $150+GST to have it removed.