Car hacks
General July 23, 2018

Car hacks you auto know

Whether you’re a car fanatic or just appreciate getting from A to B, check out these car hacks for handy tips you probably didn’t already know.

Know what side the tank is on… everytime

If you’re driving a new or unfamiliar car, or you just plain forget what side of the car your fuel tank is on, there’s a handy trick that’s relatively unknown. To avoid an awkward error, take a peek at your fuel gauge on the dash. Most cars have a simple little arrow pointing to the left or right, indicating what side the petrol cap is located.

Pool noodles

Not just for lazy Sunday afternoons in the pool, the humble pool noodle is a handy tool if you’ve got a tight garage or carport. Fix them to the walls where you door would meet the wall to avoid nasty damage. They also work well at the front of the garage to avoid bumper dings.

Hanging tennis balls

Not just for future pro tennis stars, hanging a tennis ball in the garage is another trick to know exactly where to stop. If space is tight, rather than just hoping for the best, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling, positioned to touch your windscreen at the perfect parking spot. If you’d rather not have a tennis ball constantly hanging in the garage, you can use an extra long cord and have it running through a cup hook, attached to drop down when the garage door rolls up.

Extend the range of car remote key

This one’s one of the best car hacks, but also a fun science experiment. You might be surprised to know you can boost your key range by holding it against your chin! All the fluids in our head act as a handy conductor. The trick should extend the wireless range by a few car lengths, although some say it’s even more effective. Certainly worth a try.

Plunge away dents

If you have small dents on your car exterior, a simple bathroom plunger can do the trick. The experts advise using a cup plunger (the type used for sinks rather than toilets) and splashing water on both the plunger and dent. Simply push and pull until the dent pops out.

Toothpaste on cloudy headlights

It’s amazing what difference this trick can make to even the cloudiest headlights – they come up looking brand new, all with the use of standard toothpaste and a little scrubbing. After cleaning off any general grime, squeeze a little toothpaste onto a rag and rub the headlights in small circles, adding water and toothpaste as required. Expect to spend around 5 minutes cleaning each light, then rinse and allow to dry. Now you can sit back and admire your new headlights!

Save at the petrol tank

With the price of petrol these days, it’s worth a little effort to save some dosh at the tank. Travel light, go easy on the break and accelerator, watch your tyre pressure and air-con, and download fuel-saving app ‘Gaspy’.

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