Can I get a car loan with bad credit?
Loan Help May 21, 2018

Can I get a car loan with bad credit?

Bad credit can be frustrating – it can be a struggle to get approved for a loan, let alone get a fair deal. Customers with bad credit are often regarded as more of a risk, even if you’ve got your finances sorted these days.

Here at Sprint Finance, we have some of the most flexible lending criteria in the country. We like to look at all the positives of your application, like having a stable job and being able to afford repayments. Which means even if your credit isn’t ideal, we still might be able to help with a car loan. Here are the other factors we look for to get you approved:

Account conduct

Sounds like a fancy financial term, but account conduct basically means keeping your bank statements fresh and clean! Bank statements (usually the last 3 months) are required by lenders to confirm your income and check for any signs of unaffordability or risk. These include:
Payday loans – payday loan transactions in your account can be a sign of financial hardship. Because payday loans are easy to get, but can start a spiral of unaffordable debt, they spell trouble for a lender and are best to avoid completely.
Gambling transactions – any ongoing or frequent gambling transactions in your bank statements are likely to ring alarm bells for lenders and hurt your chances of an approval.

Consistent income

A stable job, with consistent income, means you’re more likely to be able to make future loan repayments. Which means you’re more likely to get your car loan application approved.


As responsible lenders, we need to ensure you can afford any loan repayments. Lenders will look at your income and loan amount required, along with expenses showing in your bank statements. Everyone’s situation is different, so there’s no hard and fast rule around exactly how much is required.

Other loan repayments

How you’ve managed other loan repayments show lenders how likely you are to make repayments on a new loan. With our flexible lending criteria, one or two defaults here and there can still get approved, but consistent payments will help your chances of approval.

What about bankruptcy?

We can accept loan applications in the case of discharged bankruptcy.

So, can I get a car loan if my credit isn’t the best?

Yep. Even if you have bad credit, we can still get you an approval on a car loan. What’s important to us is that you have a stable job and can afford the repayments. Of course it’s still best to improve your credit rating if you can.
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