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Loan Help May 17, 2019

Bank statements and Car Finance: All you need to know

Generally, you need to provide bank statements as part of any loan application. They’re an important part of your application, but passing over a record of your daily spending can feel like giving a stranger personal insight into your finances and routine! It can be handy to know what lenders are looking for (and what they’re not looking for!) to improve your chances of a loan approval.

Why do I need bank statements to apply?

As a responsible lender, we need to ensure you can comfortably afford your loan repayments. By assessing the last 90 days of bank statements, we can verify your income and check you have enough disposable income after expenses. There are also a few other items we look for to determine level of risk for a lender.

What are lenders looking for?

It might be difficult to understand why lenders need such personal information – like where you buy your groceries and details of your coffee addiction! We’re not worried about these details, but there are a few things we look for to help get you across the line:


To determine whether you can afford the loan repayments, your bank statements are used to ensure you have enough disposable income after expenses. There’s no black and white rule, so there’s no set amount on how much is required.

Consistent, stable income

Stable, consistent income from a permanent job shows a lender you’ll be able to make future loan repayments. Which means we’ll be more likely to say yes to that loan!

Other loan payments

Consistent payments of other loans show a lender your ability to meet payments, so improve your chances of an approval.

There’s also a few things we look for that might hurt your chances of approval:


While lenders aren’t worried about where you do your groceries, they will notice gambling transactions. If gambling is regular, it’s generally considered irresponsible spending and will reduce your chances of approval.

Payday loans

Proof of payday loans in your bank statement can be a sign of financial hardship, meaning higher risk to lenders. Payday loans can often mean an instant loan denial.


Just like successful loan payments improve chances of approval, defaults or unarranged overdrafts won’t help your chances. Here at Sprint, we like to look at your profile as a whole and see the positives, so it’s still possible to be approved.

How do I provide them?

When applying with Sprint, providing your bank statements is nice and easy. No printing or scanning, no calls to the bank.

It can all be done as part of the online application process using a highly secure service provided by New Zealand’s leading credit agency, Illion. The process does not give us access or control over your bank accounts, and we never see or store your banking credentials.

The system retrieves electronic copies of your bank statements, which are then analysed by Illion and provided to us as read-only copies, before being deleted permanently.

By doing so, we can give you an instant loan decision. In less than 60 seconds – that’s faster than boiling the jug for your next coffee fix.

If you don’t wish to use the service, we won’t be able to give an instant loan decision, but you can still provide your bank statements using one of the following methods:

Upload manually. Login to your Internet Banking and download PDF copies of your bank statements. Upload them in your Sprint Finance customer portal.
Email. This is the slowest option and may increase the time it takes to provide you with a loan decision. Login to your Internet Banking and download PDF copies of your bank statements, and email them to



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